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All life is the manifestation of waveforms, is bioelectric at its most fundamental level, and is rhythmic in nature. All communications are waveforms and serve to signal shifts in other waveforms. When internalized within our human body, they influence complex functions. Our body-mind is in constant communication – we are continually influencing the world around us and the world around us influences us. All communications are disruptive energy transfers; these energy transfers can either be constructive or destructive. Understanding this, we can reflect on how we choose to disrupt/communicate with our environment, make choices and integrate habits based on how we want to be disrupted. Every atom, molecule, cell, tissue, hormone and body system is composed of energy fragments that, when integrated as a whole, create what we refer to as the human energy field. How we care and provide for our human energy field, or vitality, determines how effectively we function, perform, recover and regenerate from the demands of life (how energetic and resilient we are, how we perform, age and our personal health risks).

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    Watch Orientation

    • Orientation to Bioenergetics, Biorhythms & Communication

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    Stream Audio for All Sections

    • Listen

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    Explore (by Section)

    • Introduction

    • Energetic Origins

    • Waves, Waveforms & Our Wave Nature

    • Human Perception, Communication & Function: The Human Energy Field

    • The 5 Operating Principles

    • The 5 Principles Summarized

    • Biological Rhythms

    • Our Fundamental Concepts of Rhythms

    • Biorhythms & Biochemistry

    • Caring for Our Bioenergetics & Biological Rhythms

    • Conclusion

    • Key Takeaways

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    sub-Lab: Energy 101

    • Energy 101

    • Types of Energy

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    Practical Exercises, Tools & Resources

    • What & How Do You Communicate?

    • Biorhythm Support Survey

    • How to Explore the Power of Robust, Resonant, Coherence-Building Biorhythms

    • Practical Applications & Explorations of Biorhythms

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    Dive Deeper

    • Related Labs

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    We Want Your Feedback!

    • Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions

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