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At a Glance

Our first breath is our first act of independence. Our life depends on it. The physical act of breathing will forever be anchored to and associated with how we feel as independent beings, for our entire life. The act of breathing is so routine and so automatic, we rarely give it much thought. Yet, we have more influence than most realize, influence that when we attend to it, transforms the quality of the moments which comprise our life. Unlike our heart beats or our brain waves, we have immediate choice in and control over how we breath and move the muscles and body parts associated with breathing. When we practice specific skills, we can steadily improve our mastery of the most remarkable instrument of emotion and state management: our breath.

Lab Content

    1. Orientation to Breathwork

    1. Introduction

    2. Breathwork: Our Reprogramming Tool

    3. Breathwork Basics

    4. Diaphragmatic Breathing Practice

    5. Types of Breathwork

    1. Key Takeaways

    1. Introduction to PRB

    2. Objectives of PRB

    3. Step-by-Step Approach

    4. Make it a Habit (Recommended Schedule)

    5. PRB 1.0 (Guided Practice)

    6. PRB 2.0 (Guided Practice)

    1. Key Habits

    1. Related Labs