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At a Glance

Detoxification isn’t like a vacation, where you take a temporary break from your routine habits and lifestyle and hope that you feel better for it. There are no vacations from the daily exposures and metabolic processes that result in toxins and damage to our system. This Lab is about understanding and supporting the primary body systems and pathways responsible for the essential daily tasks that we are referring to here as detoxification. Our intention is that by the time you complete this Lab, you will have the core understandings and tools you require to explore the habits that most directly impact your body-mind’s ability to detoxify naturally and effectively.

Lab Content

    1. Orientation to Detoxification

    1. Listen

    1. Introduction

    2. Terminology & Basic Understandings

    3. Detoxification: Our Body-Mind Knows More Than We Do

    4. Theories On How & Why We Age

    5. Understanding Human Genetics & Life Processes

    6. Epigenetics, Aging & Inflamm-aging

    7. Minimize Exposure to Toxic Agents

    8. Detoxification Fundamentals

    9. Circulation

    10. Hydration

    11. Energy Metabolism

    12. Essential Nutrients

    13. The Role of Your Liver

    14. The Role of Your Kidneys

    15. The Role of Your Skin & Sweat Glands

    16. Order & Variability in Detoxification

    1. Key Takeaways

    1. Home Detox Guide

    2. Eating to Support Your Liver

    1. Key Habits