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We are quite certain most would agree that “any exercise is better than none at all.” In principle, so would we, yet there are several important caveats. Far too many are still unaware of, or disregard, how certain exercise results in unnecessary damage to tissues, while also being extremely time consuming. As with many areas of health, fitness misinformation is more the rule than the exception. This Lab has been developed to help you understand key fitness, health and exercise distinctions and how to avoid exercising in ways that do more harm than good. Within it, you will find the principles and guidelines that will facilitate your understanding of how best to engage your personal exploration of what approach to exercise is best for you. Our guidance within this Lab is focused far more on ensuring you understand how to use various types of exercise and approaches to improve your vitality and well-being for the rest of your life. Practicality, affordability and sustainability are at the top of our mind and intentions. While the principles and guidance which follow may be purposed to improving the performance of elite and professional athletes, that is not our primary goal here. Doing our best to ensure you have the resources and understandings you require to use physical activities to help you stay as youthful, vital and healthy as is possible, while investing the minimum time required, in the least disruptive fashion. While we enjoy physical workouts, we enjoy a great many other activities as well and we are betting the same is true for you. All can markedly improve their vitality in as little as three 30-minute sessions of high intensity exercise per week.

Lab Content

    1. Orientation to Fitness, Health & Exercise

    1. Listen

    1. Fitness, Health & Exercise Basics

    2. Introduction to Anabolic & Catabolic Metabolism

    3. Health, Physical Health & Fitness

    4. Exercise Fundamentals: Volume, Intensity & Frequency

    5. Progressive Variability Interval Training

    6. Introduction to Restorative & Regenerative Exercise

    7. Key Principles: All Exercise Activities

    8. Key Principles: Restorative Exercise Activities

    9. Key Principles: Regenerative Exercise Activities

    10. ASMT Regenerative Exercise: How To

    11. HIRT Regenerative Exercise: How To

    12. The Big 7

    1. Key Takeaways

    1. High Intensity Resistance Training Tracking Guide

    1. Key Habits