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Walking through the diet section of a bookstore, or worse, searching diet information on the internet, can be a confusing and frustrating experience. How is a person to know what to do and whose advice to follow? At V-Metrics, we choose to guide on principle, first and foremost, by focusing on the principles that successful transformation and improvements in vitality and function are founded on. They encourage healthy, sustainable habits and produce beneficial long-term results when followed. We empower our members to make the best choices from the options available, in all food and beverage decisions they encounter. In engaging this Lab, you will become increasingly more skilled in choosing what to eat, when to eat it, and how much of it to eat, in order to achieve your goals.

Lab Content

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    Watch Orientation

    • Orientation to Food & Dietary Principles

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    Explore (by Section)

    • Principle 1

    • Principle 2

    • Principle 3

    • Principle 4

    • Principle 5

    • Principle 6

    • Principle 7

    • Principle 8

    • Principle 9

    • Principle 10

    • Key Takeaways

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    Practical Exercises, Tools & Resources

    • Food Quality Decision Tree

    • Meal Prep and Eating Habits Guide

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    Dive Deeper

    • Related Labs

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    We Want Your Feedback!

    • Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions

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