At a Glance

Trends in strength and muscle mass provide vital feedback on our nutrition, exercise, sleep, recovery, metabolic changes, ageing process and disease risk. The largest and most important muscle groups in our bodies play the leading role in promoting health, protecting against injuries and enabling us to do what we love better and longer. At V-Metrics, our focus is on assessing, building and trending functional strength. We have developed an approach to the assessment of functional strength that is as simple, practical and universally applicable as it is profoundly useful in tracking, trending and improving our members’ health and vitality.

Lab Content

    1. The Importance of Strength and Muscle

    2. Functional Strength

    3. Understanding the Functional Strength Index

    4. Pushups

    5. Iso Squat

    6. Plank

    7. Squat Reps

    8. Hand Grip Strength

    9. Improving Functional Strength

    1. Key Takeaways

    1. Functional Strength Tracking Guide

    1. Key Habits

    1. Related Labs

    1. Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions