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Engaging in activities that are gratifying and experiencing a state of gratitude have multiple physical and mental-emotional benefits. Further, expressing gratitude to others has benefits to all parties in the exchange. The key to experiencing and expressing gratitude is not hoping for more good circumstances to come to you, it’s shifting perspectives, engaging gratifying activities and becoming more conscious of what we have to be grateful for already. This Lab provides practical steps that will lead you to experience more gratitude in your life, explores the distinction between gratification and pleasure, and poses the question: Is there an association between our experience of gratitude and our experience of our relationships? Is it one we may learn from and build on?

Lab Content

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    • Understanding and Deepening Gratitude

    • Gratification and Pleasure

    • Gratification and Relationships

    • Key Takeaways

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    Practical Exercises, Tools & Resources

    • Practical Applications & Explorations of Gratitude

    • Connecting Relationships with Gratification

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