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V-Metrics has crafted a proprietary Habit Creation System to enhance your ability to create, implement and maintain new habits that will promote your vitality and health in important new ways. This system, when followed as intended, will enable you to succeed in areas you have not been able to previously, and with far less effort. It is comprised of Mind Shifts that will support you in cultivating the mindset necessary to optimize new habit creation, Behavior Shifts that will further support your successful integration of new, more health-supportive habits, and Your Habit Tracker – a tool V-Metrics has created based on the latest art and science of successful habit creation that allows you to personalize each new habit, schedule it, set reminders and track it more effectively. 

Lab Content

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    Watch Orientation

    • Orientation to The V-Metrics Habit Creation System

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    Stream Audio for All Sections

    • Listen

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    Explore (by Section)

    • Listen to Mind Shifts 1-12

    • Mind Shifts Introduction

    • Mind Shift #1: Understand Habit Creation Science

    • Mind Shift #2: Become More Conscious of Your Habits

    • Mind Shift #3: Focus On Being Drawn, Over Being Driven

    • Mind Shift #4: Own Your Personal Message And Influence

    • Mind Shift #5: Be More Conscious And Intentional. You Matter.

    • Mind Shift #6: Be Kind & Supportive

    • Mind Shift #7: Be Open, Curious & Adventurous

    • Mind Shift #8: Be Committed To Exploring What Your Best Feels, Functions & Looks Like

    • Mind Shift #9: Choose The Be-Do-Have Approach, Over Do-Have-Be

    • Mind Shift #10: Understand The Response Model Of Health

    • Mind Shift #11: Focus On The Opportunity To Learn & Lead

    • Mind Shift #12: There’s No Time But The Present – Embrace The Power Of Now

    • 12 Mind Shifts Recap

    • Listen to Behavior Shifts 1-5

    • Behavior Shifts Introduction

    • Behavior Shift #1: Set Aside Time Focused On Learning & Implementing The V-Metrics System

    • Behavior Shift #2: Clarify Your Values

    • Behavior Shift #3: Understand & Master New Habit Creation

    • Behavior Shift #4: Benchmark & Measure Metrics That Matter – Consistently

    • Behavior Shift #5: Make Building And Evolving Relationships A Top Priority

    • 5 Behavior Shifts Recap

    • Key Takeaways

  • 4

    Practical Exercises, Tools & Resources

    • Mindset Mastery (Mind Shift #1)

    • My Habit Inventory (Mind Shift #2)

    • My Best Self (Mind Shift #8)

    • My Key Habit Creation Principles (Behaviour Shift #3)

    • Relationships with Your Stuff and Environment Inventory (Behavior Shift #5)

    • Self-Perception Reality Check (Behavior Shift #5)

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    Dive Deeper

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    We Want Your Feedback!

    • Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions

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