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State management is the art and science of knowing the ways of being which matter most to you and knowing how to experience them deeply and consistently, even when circumstances make it challenging to do so. Improving your ability to manage your state will enable you to more effectively notice those states or ways of being that drain you and those that renew and recharge you. As you engage this Lab, the practical exercises within it and the partner Labs it will guide you to, your feeling brain will learn the higher rewards that come with responding more resourcefully and positively to situations and will equip you to create and access states that enliven you.

Lab Content

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    Watch Orientation

    • Orientation to Health Creation is State Management

    • Core Understandings & Objectives

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    Stream Audio for All Sections

    • Listen

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    Explore (by Section)

    • Part 1: Humans As State Seekers

    • Part 2: Becoming a More Effective State Manager

    • Part 3: Your Physiology and Your State

    • Part 4: Taking Back Control – Quieting Our Monkey Brain

    • Part 5: The Role of V-Metrics: The Health Creation Lab

    • Part 6: Recognizing & Honoring Our Potential for Optimizing Vitality and Health

    • Key Takeaways

  • 4

    Practical Exercises, Tools & Resources

    • Self Assessment of My Potential

    • Exercising Your Freedom To Choose

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    Dive Deeper

    • Related Labs

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    We Want Your Feedback!

    • Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions

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