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How frequently do you pause to reflect on how you can better utilize movement to optimize your body-mind, vitality, and well-being? Have you effectively factored in the roles of novelty, creativity, order, progressive variability, hormesis and intermittent mild to moderate hypoxia to optimize your movement and the benefits you may derive from it? Not many have. Our hope is that this Lab serves to change that. Safely combining new, novel movements, with progressive increases in amounts of specific types of movement, and the demands created on one’s cardiorespiratory, musculature and energy metabolism, is the sweet spot in enhancing vitality and well-being. The Progressive Variability Interval Training (PVIT) approach we encourage in this Lab will take 30-50% less time than most traditional approaches to exercise training, and it is one of the best types of exercise in support of more robust order, variability and vitality.

Lab Content

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    Explore (by Section)

    • Introduction

    • Neuroplasticity & Movement

    • What is PVIT?

    • Objectives of PVIT

    • Optimize Your Mindset, Optimize Your Results

    • Safety First

    • Intensity, PEHR & Markers for Hypoxia

    • PVIT: How To

    • Subsequent PVIT Sessions

    • Activity Selection

    • Pre-Activity Preparation & Post-Activity Cooldown

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    Key Takeaways

    • Key Takeaways

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    Practical Exercises, Tools & Resources

    • PVIT Guidelines

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    Dive Deeper

    • Related Labs

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