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Worry, fear and anxiousness are so ubiquitous in our culture that most have become normalized to experiencing them, unless they escalate. Few recognize when they are even in these states. The more aware, vigilant and effective we become in recognizing the first signs of anxiousness and addressing them, the more present, vital and happy we will be. This Lab covers how to recognize anxiousness at the earliest stages, how to deepen your understanding of current patterns of worry and take actionable steps to disrupt these patterns, taking a zero-tolerance stance & more!

Lab Content

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    Explore (by Section)

    • The Peace to Panic Continuum

    • Recognizing Anxiousness at the Earliest Stages

    • Practical Perception

    • Take Action

    • Key Takeaways

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    Practical Exercises, Tools & Resources

    • Worry & Anxiousness Awareness Log

    • Letting Go

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