V-Metrics is the health and vitality trending and
self-improvement system the world has been waiting for.

The innovation of advanced engagement, assessment and learning technologies
has resulted in an end-to-end system that is as extraordinarily effective
as it is practical and affordable.

What's unique about V-Metrics?

The V-Metrics system, approach and guidance is founded on understanding the Response Model of Health. While much of the world debates and does their best to convince us what we “should do” to improve ourselves, we must remember that it’s our “personal response” to what we do that matters most.

We empower our members to monitor what matters most:
their holistic response, in near real-time.

Where we are at any given time
is far less important
than the direction we are moving in.

Your Health Creation Journey

Vital Intelligence


The body of knowledge on our Vitality Ecosystem, human vitality & how it can be optimized.


Applying this body of knowledge to optimize human vitality & our Vitality Ecosystem .

Health Creation Labs

Each of the Health Creation Lab categories represent an important area that influences
your daily habits, vitality, well-being and the value you will derive from our V-Metrics system.

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